Emmanuel Non-Emergency Medical Transport drivers provide safe, affordable and convenient rides to adult people of all ages and all conditions, non-ambulatory to all destinations (Private and Medicaid). Our drivers are trained to assist all adult passengers in need of nemt transportation services. We strive to always be on time and communicate with our passengers every step of the way to ensure your ride is always a pleasant experience. Passenger safety and comfort is our number one priority.

Access to the grocery store , other shopping, and medical care are important components of a healthy, productive life. Many elderly and disabled individuals rely on community programs to assist them with their transportation needs. As communities face the challenges of creating a new era in ADA paratransit and demand response transportation, Emmanuel Non-Emergency Medical Transport is dedicated to providing a balance of innovation and best practices.


  • Ambulatory/ Walker Assist
  • Round Trip Ambulatory /Walker Assist
  • Wheel Chair
  • Round Trip Wheel Chair

Vehicle Safety

Our preventative maintenance program ensures that all vehicles and equipment undergo stringent scheduled inspections in order to identify potential issues or equipment malfunctions. Any problems are reported and resolved before the vehicle is returned to services.

Our Drivers

  • Certified in first aid
  • Drug Screened
  • Criminal background checks
  • PASS certified
  • Defensive driving certified

Driver Safety

Emmanuel Non-Emergency Medical Transport drivers are carefully screened before hiring and continuing throughout their employment. This includes pre-employment and ongoing random drug and alcohol testing, background and criminal record checks, and proof of a clean driving record. In addition, our drivers go through a comprehensive safety program as part of their driver training.

Medicaid Transportation

Medicaid covers rides for eligible individuals to and from the doctor’s office, the hospital, or other medical office for Medicaid-approved care. This coverage is called “non-emergency medical transportation,” because it does not involve a medical emergency. Medicaid may give you a ride if you do not have a car that works or do not have a driver’s license. You may also be able to get a ride if you have a physical or mental disability or are unable to travel or wait for a ride alone. Coverage for these rides may be different depending on your individual situation and needs. Contact your doctor or Medicaid providers to see if you qualify.